Deco Collection

Traditional techniques and modern technology combine in the Deco collection from V4 Wood Flooring. The range features 15mm thick planks with a versatile 190m width and 1900mm length. Ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, the engineered wood floors suit smaller as well as larger living spaces. As convenient as they are high-quality, the products from this range are suitable to use with underfloor heating.

Six colours offer the perfect opportunity to bring the beauty of nature into your home. They include Silver Haze, Midnight Mist, or Urban Sunset. Rustic brushed to accentuate the organic lines of the solid wood layer, the surface of the planks also boasts a hand applied wood lye. This traditional treatment reacts with the natural acids in the wood, preventing further yellowing. Colour oil and hardwax oil are then applied to the floor to protect it from stains and wear while maintaining its natural beauty.

Like all the other V4 engineered wood flooring, the Deco collection comes with an impressive lifetime residential warranty. Which guarantees that the floors from this range are not only premium quality and made to last, but also ensures that they are excellent value for money.

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