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Neutral Carpet Tiles

Welcome to our neutral carpet tiles range which features some of the biggest brands in the flooring industry. Neutral colours are extremely important when it comes to interior design, and the palette includes beige, taupe, ivory and shades of white to name a few. These colours essentially brighten up a room and make it appear a little bigger than what it is. These colours can then be complemented with other applications such as furniture and accessories.

Our neutral carpet tiles are designed to provide a calm and soothing effect to whatever type of environment it is in. Crafted from premium materials and available at low prices, feel free to browse our range in full today or alternatively, please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

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  • 672711 Cotton | Heuga 727 Carpet Tiles
    HeugaHeuga 727

    672711 Cotton

    £21.00Inc. VAT More Info
  • 672712 Nutmeg | Heuga 727 Carpet Tiles
    HeugaHeuga 727

    672712 Nutmeg

    £21.00Inc. VAT More Info
  • 672714 Linen | Heuga 727 Carpet Tiles
    HeugaHeuga 727

    672714 Linen

    £21.00Inc. VAT More Info
  • HeugaHeuga 727

    672715 Camel

    £21.00Inc. VAT More Info
  • Tessera Inline 871 syllabub

    871 Syllabub

    £25.00Inc. VAT More Info
  • Tessera Inline 875 banoffee

    875 Banoffee

    £25.00Inc. VAT More Info
  • Tessera Inline 879 mellow

    879 Mellow

    £25.00Inc. VAT More Info
  • supreme beeswax
    Life FlooringSupreme


    £12.95Inc. VAT More Info
  • Glandford 03405 | Gradus Carpet Tiles
    GradusLatour 2

    Glandford 05043

    £17.95Inc. VAT More Info
  • Morden 06003 | Gradus Carpet Tiles
    GradusLatour 2

    Morden 00300

    £17.95Inc. VAT More Info
  • Select Oak
    Life FlooringSelect


    £9.65Inc. VAT More Info
  • Puma 03301 | Gradus Carpet Tiles

    Puma 03301

    £19.99Inc. VAT More Info
  • Ravenstone 03422 | Gradus Carpet Tiles
    GradusLatour 2

    Ravenstone 02243

    £17.95Inc. VAT More Info

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