Manufactured for moderate use areas, like offices, homes, leisure and educational centres or even retail spaces, this collection is extremely versatile and durable. With an amazing choice of 20 colours, these carpet tiles can suit any classic or modern décor and also match existing colour palettes beautifully.

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Choose from peppermint, lava, lavender, lead, or auburn, to name just a few shades, and make any room look brighter and more welcoming. The tufted plain level loop carpet tiles are made from 100% Polyproplyene, with a durable and strong Graphlar® backing that will offer you a long-lasting product you will enjoy for many more years to come.

Available with a thickness of 6.3mm and measuring 50cm x 50cm, these tiles are easy to install and to maintain looking immaculate over time. Order the perfect carpet tile colour today and take advantage of the great prices we can offer you here, at Best at Flooring.

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