Why oak means so much to British homes

It goes without saying that there are certain objects or symbols in life that we associate with being British.

Whether it’s a cup of Yorkshire Tea, or the sight of a red phone box, there are a few small joys in the world that we are able to call our own.

And this sense of pride is something that many people also associate with oak wood. From wardrobes, through to coffee tables and floors, there’s no doubt that people take a great deal of pride into bringing oak into their home.

Why does oak hold such a special place in our hearts?

Named as “one of the greatest icons of the British countryside” by The Telegraph there’s no doubt that the great English oak tree has helped make Britain what it is today.

Oak goes deep into our history

In fact, our love of oak goes back to ancient Britain, as druids were known to worship and practice religious ceremonies around oak groves.

Oak was so important to the druid people that the word “druid” itself is understood to be a derivation of their work for oak, Duir.

By medieval times oak was used for furniture and construction, and English oak timber had an unrivalled reputation for its durability and strength.

This is also the reason why many British navy ships were built from oak in the 18th century, with about 2,000 trees being used to build a single ship.

Oak is a beautiful material

Within our store, we have a range of beautiful floors made from oak, and there is a reason why so many people turn to the wood.

Of course, one of the main reasons is because oak is one of the most beautiful natural materials on the planet.

Furthermore, through surface treatment and dyeing, oak wood offers an unimaginable range of patterns and characteristics that are individual to every single plank.

Oak is mighty

The beauty of oak can only be matched by its incredible durability and hardiness.

Able to take high impacts and large amounts of traffic when used in flooring, the species is also highly resistant to rot, which is why it was used in shipbuilding for hundreds of years, both in the UK and across the world.

Oak works in just about any home

Whether you live in a modern townhouse, or a cottage in the heart of the countryside, there’s no doubt that oak flooring works in just about any kind of home.

Able to fit perfectly within a home with contemporary or modern design, or one that’s steeped in a traditional or homely interior, oak is highly versatile and can be fitted in a wide range of homes, both in the form of solid or engineered wood flooring.

If you want to know more about why oak is a great material for flooring, or what kind of flooring you would like in the home, contact us on 0113 344 8130.