Why Karndean flooring is perfect for every room

It goes without saying that at Best at Flooring, we strive to work with only the most reputable flooring brands in the industry, which is why we take great pride in working with Karndean flooring.

Offering waterproof, family friendly, durable, and hygienic flooring, here are a few reasons why we think Karndean flooring is just perfect for just about every room of the house.

Karndean puts design and style in the heart of everything it does

A brand with one of the most varied ranges in the flooring industry, Karndean is famous for putting a great deal of care and thought into every square inch.

Passionate from start to finish, the company embraces even the most intricate details in its wood, and helps form and utilise the latest flooring technology to help produce floors of ultimate style and quality.

For those that opt for stone styled flooring, Karndean has a huge range of effortlessly stylish slate, marble, and limestone floors within its Art Select flooring range.

There is an incredible range of choice

No matter what kind of décor your home enjoys, whether lovingly traditional, or glamorously modern, Karndean’s luxury vinyl tiles cater to just about every taste and style.

From the authentic look of traditional crafted wood planks or the distinctive modern texture of quarried stone, Karndean applies its expert knowledge across every nook and cranny to ensure that its floors are perfect in every way.

Karndean floors work wonderfully with underfloor heating

For those that enjoy the feel of a gorgeously warm floor, Karndean’s planks and tiles are suitable for underfloor heating systems in the home.

Including both electrical underfloor heating, and underfloor heating pipes set into concrete, Karndean floors are highly versatile for those wanting a little bit of extra warmth in their lives.

Check Karndean’s official underfloor heating guide, here.

Homeowners enjoy a lifelong guarantee on all Karndean floors

Whether you’re searching for a brand-new floor for your kitchen, or one for your bedroom, Karndean Flooring ensures a lifetime guarantee of 35 years for every single floor.

With decades of research and experimentation with all kinds of flooring, Karndean are peerless when it comes to providing floors that are beautiful, family friendly, and hardwearing.

It has a history of greatness

Founded in 1973 with a focus on supplying high quality flooring in Australia, New Zealand, the US, and of course the UK, Karndean started life with humble beginnings, but worked to provide its customers with affordable, practical, robust, and exquisite flooring.

Today of course, it is one of the most innovative and respected flooring companies in the world and continues to strive for perfection and greatness in every single plank and tile.

If you want to know more about what Karndean can offer for your home, speak to one of our flooring experts on 0113 344 8186, or message us via our contact page.