How to use rugs to make the most of spaces

As well as supplying some of the most beautiful solid and engineered wood flooring in the UK, we also offer a wide range of beautiful rugs, from handwoven contemporary pieces, through to vintage runners. Besides being absolutely gorgeous to look at, you can also use rugs to create visual effects – from adding more warmth to a room, to making it look a whole lot bigger. With that in mind, here’s how you can get creative with rugs and use them to your advantage:

Circle rugs make rooms look bigger

Not everyone can afford lots of space, but everyone can work to make it look like they can. By cutting away at edges and corners, a small circle rug centred in the middle of a room can help to open compact areas. This neat little trick can help space seem limitless and rugs with bold colours and vibrant patterns can really add to the effect.

Small regular rugs might only make a room look smaller

By skimping on size you can reverse the effect you’re trying to achieve and make a room look even smaller. Rugs can be used to set boundaries, ground furniture and a living room rug can define the centre of the room. It’s worth buying a size that can get at least the legs of some furniture on it. When it comes to the bedroom, this rule might change, depending on what you want to use the rug for – most people just enjoy the feeling of a thick rug under their feet when they get out of bed.

Warm up the room with a rug

Spaces that are warm might have dark wood flooring, and it’s important to add a little bit of contrast to keep things interesting. As you can imagine, lighter coloured rugs work best on darker floors and will even make a room feel bigger. If you happen to live in a particularly large home, you can also divide a large living space by using rugs to identify separate areas of a room. It’s quite easy for a room without rugs to look like a big maze of furniture.

Let your rug dictate the room’s emotions

Like colours, patterns can help create distinct emotions in a room. For those looking to create serene environments, it is often best to enjoy plain rugs with just one or two colours, which is what you’ll often find with bedroom rugs. That said, if you’re looking to use a rug in a highly trafficked area, patterned rugs are much more forgiving when it comes to footprints or, heaven forbid, stains.

Know how to get the right size

For a dining room, it’s best to take the surface of the dining table and add at least six feet to it. This means that when leaving the table, all four dining room legs will be still on the rug when they’re pulled away. For bedrooms, it is often the case that the majority of a rug will be under the bed, but this depends on the layout of a room. Designers often like to see three or four feet of rug exposed on three sides of a bed. When it comes to the living room, look at where the legs of furniture stand so that you can unify the space.