Top tips for getting the house ready for spring

The first day of spring is now less than a month away, which means that if you enjoy long days, more sunshine, and Easter holidays, then you’ve got some great times coming up.

That said, it’s important to prepare the home for everything that it brings, so here are our top tips for getting the home ready for spring:

Prepare for allergens

As we all know, allergies can be the death of a nice day when it comes to spring time.

It’s an idea therefore, to reduce dust magnets and objects with heavy fibres within the home.

For example, wood, luxury vinyl tiles, and laminate flooring can make great replacements for high-pile carpeting, which can trap large amounts of pollutants and animal dander.

It’s also an idea to eliminate air fresheners from the home, which can be overwhelming during the spring time.

They are also known to actually amplify allergies in sufferers.

Cast an eye on the garden

With a good few weeks still to go before the new season arrives, now is the best time to get out and prep the garden.

By decluttering it of dead branches, leaves, and probably very alive weeds, you can get ahead of the season and make the best of the last few weeks of winter.

Using the twigs and plant matter that you’ve collected, you can also build up your compost ready for planting come March.

If you’re unsure about composting, this article by the Royal Horticultural Society is a great place to start learning about the best composting hints and tips.

De-clutter for a fresh start

If you plan on doing a spring clean over the course of a day, there’s nothing quite like decluttering to make the place feel fresher and more spacious.

By getting rid of everything from old clothes, newspapers, books, DVDs and electronics, you can really start the new season with a bang, and look forward to a fresh spring and summer.

What’s more, you can also recycle most of the items listed above.

Check out this Recycle Now guide for household items that you can and can’t recycle around the home.

Accessorise for the seasons

Although spring can be a time for throwing out the old, it is certainly the time for bringing in the new.

There’s nothing wrong with having a cycle of accessories, colours, and motifs between the autumn/winter and spring/summer seasons.

Choosing a theme and or colour scheme between your seasonal accessories helps you prepare for the new season on a psychological level, and can help keep you interested and excited in how your home looks throughout the different seasons.

By looking at changing up your curtains for example, you can think about how to get fresh, natural light into your home, just when the clocks change for those bright spring days.