Top tips for keeping your floors ship shape

How to clean laminate, vinyl and wood floors

Walking across a newly laid floor feels great. The shine and polish of brand new laminate, luxury vinyl or wood floors can transform a room. But even with innovative modern designs and hardwearing finishes, your floors need a little upkeep to ensure they stay looking as good as new through the years.

Most leading flooring suppliers, such as Amtico for luxury vinyl, Sanders & Fink for wood and laminate and Quick Step for all of the above, will have their own or suggested cleaning products to keep their flooring in great condition. But here are a few general tips to get you started.


Start by sweeping up any dust or grime with a broom or if you have bevelled edges to your laminate planks, use a vacuum cleaner. Then for any dried on smears or grime, use a mop to clean it off. Make sure you don’t flood the floor, slightly damp is more than enough to get rid of greasy stains. Bevelled edges once again require a little extra care; use a microfibre cloth to soak up any residual moisture left over from your mopping.

That’s your weekly clean taken care of, but you may occasionally notice planks that have some light damage. This doesn’t mean you need to replace the entire plank. By using a repair kit from your flooring supplier, you can cover up scratches and scuffs using coloured wax, a melting knife and comb.

By slicing off slithers of different coloured pieces of wax with the melting knife, you can match the colour of your laminate and then use the cleaning comb to give the wax cover-up a final finish. Creating the right combination of wax colours is made easy using your supplier’s colour table.

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Similar to laminate, vinyl just needs a sweep and a mop. It’s waterproof design means you don’t need to worry about water spills while you clean. While vinyl floors can stand up to most types of cleaning, steam cleaning should be avoided. As for minor repairs, good old coloured wax comes to the rescue once more, as with laminate.


Of the 3 types of flooring covered here, wood needs the most care and maintenance. Regular cleaning with a microfibre cloth or vacuum cleaner is advised, on top of which, applying oil to prevent the wood taking on a dry, dull appearance is also important.

A little cleaning on a regular basis will go a long way to ensuring your floors stand the test of time.

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