Top tips for baby proofing your little one’s room!

When you’re expecting a baby, one of the biggest worries as a parent will be how to baby proof your home so that your little one will be as safe as possible.

Although it’s important to ensure that the whole house is baby proofed, the baby’s bedroom can be a difficult one to get right. As it’s a special place where you will spend quality time with your baby, either nursing or simply enjoying time together. Therefore, not only do you need to ensure that the room is fully baby proofed, but you also want to create a space that you can enjoy spending time in.

Below are some top tips from a range of experts to help you create not only a safe room for your baby, but also a room that you and your child will feel happy and comfortable in.

Strategically consider where you will place the crib.

Strategically consider where you will place the crib.

Where you place the crib is very important, especially for when your baby gets a little older and starts moving around and becoming curious to their surroundings.

Sage Singleton, Family and Community Safety Expert from Safewise, discussed with us the importance of thinking about where to place the crib.

‘‘Make sure you place your child’s crib in a safe location. Never place a crib near windows or blinds, as children could fall out of windows or be strangled by blinds. Also, never place your crib underneath shelves, art or heavy objects, as they could fall.

Accidents involving window coverings and cords are amongst the most common
and most dangerous. A simple baby-proofing hack is to strategically place
furniture away from potentially dangerous locations.’’

Secure all furniture to the floor and try to buy furniture which doesn’t move around too much.

When your baby gets a little older, they will enjoy crawling around their room and touching or playing anything within sight.

Therefore, it’s wise to ensure that the furniture in your baby’s bedroom is secure to the ground, and try to choose furniture which generally won’t be easy to move.

George Knapp from PB and Jbabyproofing spoke with us on the importance of anti-tip furniture strips when baby proofing a room.

He said, ‘‘Pull out the bottom draw of any piece of furniture and apply slight down pressure – it’s easy to see how fast and with little effort a piece will come down on your little one.’’

Baby Security sell a wide range of anti-furniture straps, such as Anti-Tip TV Straps and also sell a selection of corner cushions.

Cover all visible electricals.

Once your baby gets a little older and starts crawling around, the last thing you want is for them to be playing with any electrics. Therefore, it’s wise to cover up any electricals which are visible.

Nicole from TrustedPros, discussed with us the importance of ensuring that all electricals are covered.

‘‘All homeowners should purchase electrical covers, door locks, and LED lights
(these don
’t heat up, and won’t cause skin burns on contact).’’

Carefully pick the flooring for your baby’s room.

Carefully pick the flooring for your baby’s room.

The flooring for your baby’s room will need to be soft, durable and resilient. In terms of flooring being soft, don’t feel as though you can’t choose laminate or solid wood flooring, however, it’s wise to also include an oversized rug if you do.

It would also be ideal if the flooring was durable and resilient, to cope with sticky hands and spillages!

Liam Walker, Head of Online for one of the UK’s leading flooring suppliers BestatFlooring, discussed with us their top choices of flooring for a baby’s room.

‘‘When it comes to choosing flooring for your baby’s room consider choosing something that will be easy to maintain, but still look good. Many people like to choose carpet as it has a soft landing and is comfortable for the baby to crawl on, however, it you wanted to choose laminate or solid wood then we would advise to also incorporate an over-sized rug to the interior.’’

If you’re considering going for a wooden floor then head over to the BestatFlooring website to check out their ranges of rugs especially for children here.

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