Top 5 home décor trends to expect in 2017!

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to relish a spot of decorating and remodelling, but what theme or décor style do you choose this time around?

To help make your décor decisions a little easier we spoke with a range of interior experts to gain their advice on what they think the biggest home décor trends for 2017 will be.

Keep reading to find out what they are…

1. Anything but granite worktops

Anything but granite worktops!

Granite worktops have been a popular choice for many years now, but will 2017 see the death of the granite?

We spoke with Tim Bakke, Co-Founder of house plan provider The Plan Collection, to discuss upcoming home décor trends and he emphasised how granite worktops will slowly become a thing of the past and we should expect to see more alternative countertop materials in 2017.

‘‘The default “step-up” kitchen countertop material for many years, granite, is now in literally millions of homes throughout the UK. Although granite isn’t going away anytime soon, it no longer adds the excitement to a kitchen design that it once did. What to do? Pretty much anything else.

Designers are embracing – and seeing acceptance of a number of countertop alternatives like quartz, marble, soapstone, recycled glass, concrete, butcher block, and even stainless steel. White kitchen design will continue to be popular, but a white kitchen with concrete countertops – that’s something special. Expect to see more of these alternative countertop materials in 2017.’’

A rise in antique and traditional décor – especially with young people!

2017 is set to see a surge of people opting for more retro and antique décor pieces, especially with younger people!

Interior Designer from Vertical Blinds Direct spoke with us about the rise in people choosing antiques to decorate their homes.

‘‘We’re anticipating a rise in the appreciation of antiques and traditional décor, especially amongst the younger generation. 2017 is also set to see stark contrasts of eras, such as taking vintage pieces and reworking with a modern twist.’’

antique and traditional décor
3. Nature to be brought indoors

Nature to be brought indoors!

We all appreciate the look of flowers and plants, as it can really bring a room to life no matter how big or small it is. However, this year we should expect to see even more people incorporating nature into their home décor!

Interior Designer Josie Abate from Ambience Design Group says, ‘‘It’s clear that we crave more nature in our lives. We want the benefits that being in nature can bring, including a healthier body and mind. The colour choice of “greenery” by Pantone honours the beauty of nature and all it has to offer us.

Raw wood is in trend for furniture, accessories and cabinetry. Yes, now even kitchens are taking on this look, which brings along a natural texture with it.’’

As raw wood furniture will be on trend in 2017 a solid wood floor would look exceptional and would also bring in that desired ‘natural’ effect.

BestatFlooring have a beautiful range of solid wood floors which you can view here.

Exposed brick walls!

Exposed brick walls!

There’s just something about an exposed brick wall which creates a modern and stylish vibe for any space. In the past it’s been a popular trend for people living in flats and apartments but during 2017 we will see many more houses also adopting this trend.

Jeffrey Weldler, Marketing Director and Interior Design Expert at Vant Wall Panels, shared his insight on the exposed brick wall trend!

‘‘Whether real or faux, who doesn’t admire an exposed brick wall?

The trend originated from the industrial loft style apartments but today any home style can feature an exposed brick wall. Brick looks amazing, whether it’s left as is or white washed. The greatest thing about brick is its classic and has longevity.’’

Luxury Vinyl Flooring will increase in popularity, again!

Vinyl Flooring will always be popular due to its durability, low cost and how beautiful it looks in any space!

Liam Walker, Head of Online for one of the UK’s leading flooring suppliers BestatFlooring, shared his expectations for what flooring materials he thinks will rise in popularity in 2017.

‘‘Customers are becoming more creative and influenced from social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. I believe that Chevron, Herringbone and Abstract Designs are the up and coming trends for 2017, which I think we will see a lot of through various social media feeds.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is taking full advantage of these trends, offering modern and unique looks and designs. A great example of this is the Moods Collection from Moduleo.’’

View the full range of BestatFlooring Luxury Vinyl Tiles here.

5. Luxury Vinyl Flooring will increase in popularity, again!

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