Tips and tricks for bathroom redecoration

It goes without saying that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. A place to reinvigorate yourself before work, and to relax in the tub after work, the average person spends almost 92 days of their life in the bathroom. With that in mind, here at Best at Flooring, we know how important it is to get bathroom décor just right. So, what are good things to remember while planning a bathroom redecoration?

Be mindful of the floor

Although you might not have initially thought so, bathroom flooring can make a big difference to a colour scheme – as your floor will need to complement the design and décor of the overall room. We have a range of beautiful bathroom flooring options to fit just about any bathroom design, from our luscious Michelangelo Adriatic Blue tiles, through to our sleek and tonal Camaro Atlantic Slate.

So, when you’re choosing your initial colour scheme, just remember that no matter which way you go, Best at Flooring is here to help you make the best decision for you and your home.

Be adventurous with light

When you’re deciding on what colours are best for your bathroom, lighting should absolutely have a part to play. Dark colours can be great but it’s important that a bathroom gets enough natural light to afford colours at the lower end of the spectrum. Otherwise you will end up with a bathroom that is merely dark, and your family will need to be able to shave and put on makeup without worrying about if they’re getting enough light. If natural light is a problem, invest in a mirror that comes with lights, and get creative with LEDs.

Be daring with pastels

Now more than ever we’re seeing very colourful bathrooms, which are why, just once in a while, it is worth taking a step back to be different. Bold colours reminiscent of jewels, such as dark blues, greens, and reds, are colours that we’re seeing in bathrooms up and down the land, which is why we recommend soothing creams and blues instead, reminiscent of pastel ocean themes. Although some people find pastels rather too old fashioned, they have stood the test of time for a reason and can offer that ageless, relaxing appeal. The only colour you might want to avoid is lime green, as this choice is often cited as a décor faux pas by interior decorators – unless that is, it happens to be a warm shade of lime.

Be brilliant with bathroom art

Some of the best art can be found in the bathroom and you should never be afraid of hanging some there. Find a piece that is really fantastic and position it over the toilet. More often than not, when the door closes, guests like to spend a little bit of time looking around the room to familiarise themselves and get an impression. If you really fancy it, the bathroom can also be the place to slot a framed wall poster or print that you’ve never really found a place to hang. It also means that you can buy an inexpensive frame, as no one really cares about frames in the bathroom, and if moisture gets to the print, it means that you can perform a quick and easy switch.