Tips and advice for cleaning your floors

There’s nothing quite like looking down at a newly laid floor. Whether at home or at work, new flooring can give old spaces a rejuvenating sense of freshness. With that in mind, however, keeping floors spick and span is key for their wellbeing and the general happiness of a home or workplace, so here are our top tips for cleaning different types of flooring.

How to clean solid wooden flooring

One of the most important things to remember while cleaning solid wooden flooring is the fact that it shouldn’t be exposed to high levels of moisture and mopping. It’s also worth noting that many cleaners have chemicals that can irreversibly damage surface finishing, so make sure that you purchase cleaners for solid wood flooring and keep to manufacturer cleaners when possible. Despite these restrictions, cleaning a solid wooden floor can be quite easy, and by just spending a little bit of time per day, you can maintain its health and quality for years to come.

Firstly, like most floors, sweeping the floor should be the first step to getting away all the grit and dirt that can cause scratches and stains. We advise this course of action at least once a day for best results, or twice if a floor experiences high levels of traffic.

Secondly, a solid wooden floor should be hoovered at least once a week to pick up loose dust particles that a sweeping brush can easily miss. It’s also an idea to perhaps invest in a specialist dust cleaner or electrostatic cloths for extra cleanliness.

How to clean engineered wood flooring

Although engineered wooden flooring is one of the strongest and most versatile that you can buy, it still requires TLC in the form of a good clean every now and again. Like solid wood floors, it’s important to give the floor a daily sweep and a weekly vacuum to keep it at its best. While light mopping is generally okay, it’s worth noting that vinegar or ammonia based cleaners should never be used on any type of engineered flooring, and the same goes for steam cleaners. If your floor has an oiled surface, you can use an oil and soap cleaner, while lacquered surfaces require waxes and detergents. Again, always try and use specialist cleaners designed by the manufacturer of your floor.

How to clean laminate flooring

Quite possibly the easiest type of flooring to clean, laminate flooring requires very little maintenance to keep it in top condition. Unless a laminate floor experiences significant traffic, much of the time a light sweep or vacuum is enough to keep it fresh, with perhaps a camp cloth to give it a once a week. When it comes to removing a stain however, try and avoid using a mop and bucket with lots of liquid, and instead perhaps try a cleaner designed for use for laminate and hardwood flooring.

How to clean carpet tiles

Although it is recommended that a carpet is hoovered perhaps once a if it experiences normal levels of traffic in the home, it is sometimes best to give carpet tiles an extra clean. When it comes to stains, a dry powder compound is recommended for a soiled area, before being brushed into the carpet. Once left for a recommended time, all that it needs is a quick but thorough hoovering over the affected area. Deep cleaning in the form of shampooing is also recommended at least once a year, but this is sometimes best left to the hands of professional cleaners.