The decorating lowdown: Best at Flooring’s top tips

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There’s probably nothing quite as stressful as redecorating your home. From choosing and laying the best possible floor for your living room, to searching for and locating the most perfect colour scheme for your kitchen, there is a lot to think about.

Whether you are decorating your first home, or are redecorating a house you’ve lived in for years, here are some of our top tips for researching, planning, and executing a redecoration project:

Plan and be inspired

Before you get to the pen and pencil stages of planning, take ideas from the world around you and soak in inspiration from everyday life.

If you are in the home of a friend, or even a restaurant, and you like the way the lighting works, or you enjoy the look of a particular plant, take note and think about how they could relate to the style of the space that you are designing.

If you can, try and stick to only one particular theme per room. Nowadays people take to Pinterest to create mood boards so that they can remember and take inspiration from individual elements and ideas.

As well as internet research, tear pages from magazines and look for interiors that you like in newspapers and books.

While finding your inspiration is important, as you’re probably well aware, proper planning is essential for any home improvement project.

Once that you have your ideas to mind, it’s time to start thinking about budget and how much you have to spend.

Break each area down and segment each room, including components that you are looking to change, such as flooring, lighting, furniture, and accessories.

Take a look at your finances and be brutally honest about what you’re able to spend. If for any reason you’re a little short, try setting aside a little each weak until you reach your goal.

By doing this, you could avoid paying for things on credit card, and although that might take a little longer, you’ll be thanking yourself in the long run.

Redecorating ceilings

No matter which room you’re redecorating, it’s always best to go in a top-down order, which means of course, starting with the ceiling.

Although it is easy to forget about the ceiling, experts always say that it is an integral part of any room and it is often known as the “fifth wall.”

This is because adding a design element or a different colour to a ceiling can transform the feel of a room, and what’s more, you can do it without breaking the bank.

While many people simply treat their ceilings to a lick of white paint, you can also try a neutral colour to give it more pop, or if your walls and furniture are fairly neutral, consider a prime colour to introduce a little more vibe.

Some people even enjoy working with stencils or decals on smooth ceilings in order to offer an extra layer to a room. You can also make a ceiling look deceivingly expensive by painting a soft pinstripe or board around the edge.

Redecorating walls

A chance perhaps to be a little more creative, homeowners are often given an ocean of choice when it comes to redecorating their walls.

From wallpaper to paint, choosing the right colour scheme is an important process, as at the end of the day, the likelihood is that you’ll be looking to transform a room entirely, which means you’ll definitely need to plan ahead.

Having worked in homes throughout the country, one of the most common mistakes that we see is when people spend incredible amounts of money on paint, but cut back when it comes to brushes.

No matter what you do, we advise buying good quality brushes as they are essential for the best possible results. What’s more, you can actually save money by buying expensive brushes and slightly cheaper paint if you take the time out to prepare properly.

Nowadays there are a lot of chain stores bringing out their own brands of paint, so be sure to have a shop around to choose the best paint for both you and your home.

If you’re unsure about what colours to choose, be sure to check out one of our earlier blogs to see how you can match colours in various rooms:

For those that need a little rundown of where to begin their ceiling and wall journey, check out this very handy guide by B&Q about adding a new colour to both walls and ceilings.

Planning for a new floor

As you can imagine, choosing the best kind of flooring for your home is another important step in the decoration process.

Whether you want luxury vinyl tiles for your kitchen, or engineered wood flooring for your bedroom, it’s important to think about a range of aspects about what to consider for your new flooring:

  1. Consider the size of the room and measure it accurately so that you know how much flooring you need. Check out this handy wikiHow guide on how to accurately measure a room for your new floor.
  2. Once that you’ve accurately measured the room, you can work out how much flooring you need against the prices of different types of flooring, so you can figure out which types are best suited to your budget.
  3. Consider which direction you want your planks to go in while taking into account the dimensions of your room. For example, in a particularly narrow room, if you place boards from left to right, they will make a space feel larger.
  4. Think about whether you want underfloor heating installed in your home, and whether the floor you’re choosing is compatible with it.
  5. For instance, underfloor heating does not work well with solid wood floors, and considerations must be made for carpet tiles.

Of course, getting the right flooring for you and your home is important, as with the right care and maintenance, it can last decades.

If your home is full of life and generally has a lot of people exploring it throughout the day, you’ll also need to ensure that you choose a durable and hardwearing kind of floor.

This does not in any way mean that you have to compromise on style however, as many of our brands have an array of lines that are dedicated to different tastes and styles. Kährs for instance, has nine different lines, including Kährs Original, Kährs Avani, and Kährs Supreme.

When it comes to fitting your new flooring, although it can be tackled with a DIY approach, Best at Flooring recommends using flooring experts so that you know you’ll get the best possible results for your home.

We regularly work with a carefully selected and highly trained flooring experts that ensure that your floor is laid to last for decades to come. Call us on 0113 344 814 for more information or check out our contact page.