Protect your floor from the Christmas tree curse

Well, Christmas is practically upon us, and the festive time of the year certainly offers plenty of decorative decision and touches. From wreaths on the door, to mistletoe upon high, and stockings on the mantelpiece. One of the biggest additions is of course the tree, which is often the focal point of your festivities. Presents take precedence at its foot, with a star often atop the summit. It is a thing of beauty, but also of tremendous frustration. Needles easily fall out, and can take over your once pristine floor. We have devised a guide to keeping your solid or engineered wood floor at its best this Christmas.

Before you bring your beauty in

You’ve got to get your house fit for a tree before you bring your Tannenbaum in. Make sure prepare your wonderful wood to avoid any scuffs or long lasting damage. Pay special attention to where your tree is going to sit, and vacuum this area – you don’t want to get anything trapped under the pot or tree stand.

Always ensure that you shake your tree before you bring it into the house, getting rid of any dead needles from the core. You will be surprised at just how many needles can populate your floor, even just upon arrival.

Keep it together over Christmas

It is essential that your tree sits on a stand, with a water reservoir beneath it to stay hydrated.

To keep the floor safe underneath, a barrier between the tree and the floor is vital, and that it is one that can survive water leakages and movement. Avoid putting down a towel or bed-sheet because it will just soak the water up and sit sodden. Make sure to go for an absorbent mat, a plastic dust sheet, or even a large plastic container, that will offer proper protection.

Don’t overload the space around the tree, you want to be able to see where you are watering, and to be sure that there aren’t any nasty surprises at the end of the festivities.

Make sure to regularly sweep or vacuum the floor around your tree, the last thing you want is a collection of needles to pile up, be stepped on and to mark and scratch the floor.

Twelfth Night Take Down

Be careful with your tree when moving your tree at the end of Christmas. By the time the 12th day of Christmas comes around, the needles will have become even looser, and the tree will be on its last legs after a session in a lovely warm house. Wrap your tree in a plastic sheet upon departure to stop more needles from making a hasty exit. Likewise, don’t just pull it from the reservoir, water will likely get everywhere. Carry it outside in one piece, and then separate the Christmas components.

Once you’ve removed your tree at Christmas’s conclusion, make sure to check your floor for any nicks or scuffs, if there’s any blemishes make sure to invest in a good maintenance kit to get your floor back to its best. And most of all, look forward to next year, when you’ll do it all over again!

So, there we have it, the cure for Christmas tree carnage! We hope that this helps you keep your floor immaculate during the festive period and beyond, and that you have a happy holidays.