Preparing for houseguests: our top tips

With Christmas now but less than seven days away, there’s no doubt that most of us will be getting the house ready for the flood of family members and friends.

Although this time of the year is one of the best, it is indeed also one of the most tiresome and stressful, especially when you have to get all the spare furniture and seldom used sofa beds ready for use.

Here at Best at Flooring however, we like taking the stress out of life, so here are our top tips for preparing the house for guests this Christmas time:

Declutter as much as possible

There’s no doubt that Christmas brings a lot of clutter with it, so it’s worth trying to get rid of as much clutter and unnecessary items as possible before the season arrives.

If you’re getting a guest bedroom ready, try and clear away as many of your personal things as possible.

For guests that are staying a little longer, it’s nice to offer them a spare drawer or space in a wardrobe so that they can store their clothes outside of suitcases or bags.

It’s also a great idea to open a window on the day that your guests arrive or burn a scented candle for an hour or two.

Prepare with a test run

Once you’ve got the room ready for your guests, it’s often a good idea to leave it for a few hours and then go back in and look at it with fresh eyes.

If the room happens to be new, and you have the time, think about spending the night there so that you can experience it like a guest.

By doing so you’ll be able to tell particular things like if the room is too bright, if the temperature is too warm, or if the furniture isn’t well fitting in the room.

It’s also nice to add a few extra pillows and a throw on the end of the bed; even a rug might do to add that fresh feeling into the room.

We have a great range of bedroom rugs in our store that would make perfect additions for a guest room in the run up to Christmas.

Stock up on essentials as well as the luxuries

There’s nothing quite like being offered fresh fluffy towels when you arrive somewhere, but it’s also important to remember the essentials, especially around Christmas.

From toiletries through to teabags and coffee, ensuring that there’s enough of everyday items and more, means that you’ll be far less stressed over the Christmas period, especially at times when the shops might be shut.

While we’re here, it’s also worth checking with guests to see if they have any specialist diets or whether they have any allergies that you might want to consider.

For guests that like being high-tech, it’s nice to have the WiFi password on display or slipped on a piece of card so that they don’t have to awkwardly ask for the details.