Opening up the floors: Inventive storage options for the home

There’s no greater feeling than looking down on a newly laid floor. Whether you’re searching for bedroom flooring, living room flooring, or any other kind, keeping a new floor uncluttered is one of many keys to a happy home. With that in mind however, keeping the house uncluttered can be particularly hard if you don’t have much space for storage. But fear not, we have a few handy hints and tips for creative storage solutions. Take a look below:

Cute shelving racks and chairs can keep the floors clean

Although we often think of shelving racks as something else to trip over, if you find yourself with a narrow nook or cranny, a small shelving rack for shoes or other objects can really help clear up stray bits and pieces. If you have a little more room to spare, you can also think about putting a chair near the rack, which will help discourage people from putting on or taking off their shoes in other rooms of the house — keeping your newly laid floors nice and clean.

Below bed storage can go on display

If you’re looking for storage tips in the bedroom, you can take care of ugly cardboard boxes by purchasing vintage suitcases to store out-of-season clothing and other seldom used items. You can buy beautiful repurposed and storage orientated vintage suitcases from online stores such as Etsy and Not on the High Street. Now more than ever, vintage fashion and décor is being brought into homes, and you can find some brilliant ideas for vintage interior design on Pinterest.

Kitchen dishes can go on display too

A kitchen needs to be both functional and beautiful. If you’re struggling for space, however, you can always make functional items beautiful as part of a display. For instance, even plates or wooden spoons can be made to look positively decorative when used cleverly as wall art.

Surround the bed with chic shelves

Although it’s quite common to keep the walls of a bedroom clear from clutter, surrounding a headboard in the bedroom with chic shelves is another great way to get things off the ground. You could even install wall-mounted lights to eliminate (if you wanted to) the need for nightstands. Such open space can also give the impression that a small bedroom is a little larger than it actually is.

Rethink the bookcase

Bookcases are brilliant for bookworms, but they can also be used for storing clothes, towels and all kinds of jewellery. In fact, a survey carried out in 2008 found that four out of 10 people said that they lie about having read books to impress friends. Another survey found that popular books people lie about include Lord of the Rings, The Da Vinci Code, Gone Girl, and The Godfather. With that in mind, if you’re looking to open up some new spaces in your home, perhaps it is time to give Dan Brown the boot.