Move over carpet, there’s more you can do with your stairs

Fitting laminate, vinyl or wood to stairs

Carpet is often the default option when people consider what to do with their stairs. While it is comfy underfoot, it isn’t always the easiest kind of flooring to keep in good condition, especially in such a high traffic area. Covering your stairs with laminate, vinyl or wood flooring instead isn’t as tricky as you might first think. So for fans of DIY, here’s a quick guide on what to do.

Laying down laminate

Start with the aluminium base plates. Glue and then screw these onto each step (the horizontal part of the stairs). Next glue a cut-to-size laminate plank to the riser (the vertical part of the stairs), making sure to use spacers at the bottom to leave the right amount of room to fit the laminate that will cover the step.

Remove the spacers and spread glue across the surface of the step, including over the aluminium base plate. Place a laminate plank onto the step, making sure the underside of the tongue lies flush against the front edge of the aluminium base plate. Next, place the special plastic strips provided, onto the top edge of the laminate planks that are attached to the risers.

Now to the final part: glue on the final strips of laminate designed to fit along the edge of each step. Push these firmly into the aluminium base plate. Repeat the process for every step.

If the side profile of your steps is exposed, you can apply adhesive strips that match the design of your laminate.

Quick Step has specially designed laminate for the edge of each step – the Incizo profile – that makes installation easy and ensures a smooth finish. These are provided for both their laminate and hardwood ranges. So if laminate isn’t for you, installing hardwood panels is just as easy by following the very same steps.

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Fitting vinyl

This is even easier than fitting laminate or hardwood. Simply cut your vinyl to fit the riser and glue it down. Place an aluminium profile onto the edge of the step and screw it into place. If the steps of your stairs are already smooth and level, you are all set to go. If not, smooth over a levelling compound, sand and vacuum any debris away. Then you’re ready to cut your vinyl to size for the step and glue it in place. Repeat the process for every step and you’re done.

Whether you choose laminate, vinyl or wood flooring, you can ensure your stairs match the rest of your home in style. What’s more, with a quick sweep and mop to keep them clean, your stairs will look just as stylish as the years roll by.