How make the most out of the smallest living room

There’s no doubt that the living room is where we tend to spend most of our time at home. Whether lounging around watching television or entertaining guests, making the most of a small living room is essential for a comfortable and cosy day-to-day life. So, from floor to ceiling, how do you make a small living room feel deceptively larger?


While also adding brightness to your living room, mirrors can also add a great deal of depth. From a simple floor-to-ceiling mirror, through to a couple of lengthy strips, they can help a home feel bigger and at little cost. You can also add a series of smaller mirrors for a better extra layered feel without weighing things down.

Creative storage and space

If you’re on the market for new furniture, there’s a good chance that you can free up space from smart furniture. Even something as simple as a nest of tables can help you provide a decent area of surface for when the time comes. Console tables are other great savers of space for things like books, DVDs, magazines and other living room materials. Pinterest offers many great ideas for console tables.

Natural colours

Using natural tones and light colours can give the impression that a room is much bigger than it is. Our Mono White European Oak is one such wood flooring option that offers a brighter, more delicate body. This works because dark colours tend to absorb light and give the feeling of a closer and far smaller room — not what you want when your room is actually a tad tiny. Try and stick to natural whites and creams, perhaps a few pastel blues and greens to make the living space more inviting.

The colours of rooms can even affect moods, with certain colours often being put into three categories by designers:

  • Active
  • Passive
  • Neutral

Read more about how the colour of a room can change a person’s mood.

Lightweight furniture

Passing the subject back to furniture, if you’re set with a particularly small room, you can also take advantage of lightweight and non-space greedy furniture. Even a corner sofa can make most of a small room by being placed impeccably in the corner of a room. Although the larger ones might squeeze away space, the flexibility in designs and sizes can really make it worth it – especially as most L-shapes happen to come with hidden storage.

Work your natural lighting

As we’ve said before, a lighter room is a bigger room, and by working with natural light you can really work to open the interior. If you can’t make the most of the lighting you have, you can investigate creative lighting fixtures that can help you make most of the space.

Be creative with little lies

Although you can’t really change the height of your ceiling, you can certainly make it look further away. By painting it white (or at least a very pale colour), you can also paint to the top quarter of the walls, tricking the eye in believing that the ceiling is further away than it actually is. You can then place a rail or some sort of boarder at the place where the two colours meet to really make sure the effect takes hold.