Housekeeping resolutions to take you into the New Year

Nearly everyone makes New Year’s resolutions just before the end of the year or as we break into January. Although many people tend to set goals for losing weight, to stop smoking, or to begin a new hobby, it’s also worth making a few for your home. Whether it’s to clean more, invest in new furniture, or to simply spend more time there, making one or two resolutions for the home is a must. At Best at Flooring, we love looking towards the year ahead, so here are some of our very own housekeeping tips and resolutions for 2018:

Involve the family in the cleaning rota

Cleaning should never be left down to one individual. But when the whole family get involved in looking after the house, not only is it made easier, but also, a lot quicker. From sweeping the floors to dusting the blinds, there’s no reason why all family members can’t get involved in small tasks that make a big difference. In fact, studies have shown that greater participation and social factors really help make people stick to their commitments. If you’ve just had a new floor installed with Best at Flooring, here is a blog discussing the best cleaning tips for all the different types of floors that we supply.

Look to shrink the bills

There’s nothing better than saving money, especially at the start of the year, and the great news is that you can pledge to do so with a new year’s resolution. By setting out a spreadsheet of expenses and outgoings for each month, you can get a clear picture of your financial position and where you can make cuts and shave off unnecessary costs. For example, you can save more than £300 a year simply by dumping your original gas supplier. Otherwise, by simply turning down your thermostat by 1°C, you can cut down your heating bill by 10 per cent, which can save around £55 per year. For more hints and tips on saving money, this article by This is Money is a great read for those looking to save on the pennies.

Organise your space for a peaceful 2018

Like everything else, the New Year is the perfect time to get rid of clutter in and around your home, as with the arrival of new objects and possessions, you have the perfect excuse to get rid of some of the old. Whether you want to donate clothes to charity shops, furniture to community centres, or old papers, newspapers and magazines to recycling centres, there’s probably no better opportunity to do any of this at any other time of the year. That said, giving away your possessions can, of course, be a little hard, but by giving an item away a day, making a list of the things you don’t need, or simply trying the 12-12-12- challenge (finding 12 items to throw away, donate, and return), you can quickly find yourself with a lot more space around the home.