Good flooring increases the value of your home

If you are thinking about selling your property this year, you’ll no doubt want to get the best possible price when it comes to your valuation. There are many things you can do to help to increase the value of your home and make potential buyers fall in love with it; re-painting the walls, getting rid of clutter and putting in a new kitchen are just a few. However, one of the most effective ways to increase the value of your home is by upgrading the flooring.

First impressions

When you step into any home, one of the first things you notice is the flooring – good flooring can make a fantastic first impression and it can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a property.  So if you think new flooring is the way forward, the next question is what type of flooring to go for? With many different types available, such as vinyl, carpet and wood flooring, as well as an array of different styles and colours to choose from, making a decision can feel a little bewildering.

The best option

If money is no object, then the best floor to invest in is generally wooden flooring. It will last much longer than carpet, is hardwearing and easy to clean (great if you are going to have lots of agents and potential buyers coming in to view the property) and this luxury option is often associated with money and class.  However, given that the purpose is to add value in order to sell the property, you probably won’t want to spend too much on the product – so a fantastic cheaper option is luxury vinyl flooring (LVT).

Benefits of LVT

LVT gives you the natural look of wood flooring, but with many additional benefits. All it needs is a simple weekly mop or brush to leave the floor looking as good as new, it’s warmer underfoot, easy to install and importantly, is much more cost effective. If you like the sound of this, the LVT collection from Moduleo has some stunning options available: Best at Flooring The Impress Collection even includes a registered emboss texture so that you can see and feel grains, grooves and knots – just like real wood!

LVT | Best at Flooring

So if you really want to maximise your home’s worth, invest in some quality flooring to release that extra equity in your home.