How to get that rustic look for minimal expense

Now more than ever people are turning to the rustic look to decorate their home. Whether to create a more natural theme, for ultimate comfort, or simply a desire to return to a simpler time, there are a thousand ways to enjoy the beautiful rustic way of life.

Choose a colour scheme

The first thing you have to do is decide on a gorgeous new colour scheme to help support your rustic ideas. The majority of the time you will find serene, natural, and soft colours in a home that is aiming for a rustic look. For example, lush olive greens and creamy taupes are your best friends when it comes to painting walls. That said, if you’re looking for a more contemporary rustic feel, stones and bricks alongside wooden beams are the materials that will really help show off a home’s architectural credentials.

Work from the floor up

With wood in mind, it’s best to work from the floor up and it is here where you can really get to grips with rustic design philosophy. Here at Best at Flooring, we supply a range of solid and engineered wood floors that are inspired and nature and rusticism.

Find a source of distressed wood

When it comes to picture frames, window shutters, and even furniture, distressed wood offers a raw, rugged, and an honest sense of personality. Aged furniture with distressed wood (or even wicker if distressed wood doesn’t happen to be your thing) is fantastically easy to find at craft fairs, country shops, and online. It’s advised to try and choose furniture or woods that offer more earthly tones to go alongside the lighter colours that you might have chosen for your walls. Mix your materials and finishes as you go along, try soft colours with cold metals in warmly lit rooms, or combine fabric with a painted surface or two.

Get into upcycling

For people who really want to save on cash, upcycling is not only a great way to save money, but it gives you the opportunity to learn a few crafts along the way. By selecting just a few bits of tattered or aged furniture you can enjoy the experience of transforming them into a boutique masterpiece in a few hours and with just a bit of TLC. It’s worth picking your materials carefully though, as sourcing good scrap is the best way to go — upcycling chipboard just won’t offer the same result. That said, risks are definitely worth taking when it comes to upcycling, so don’t be afraid to try something different and express yourself with a range of different designs and paints. As always, there are a range of ideas and inspirations on Pinterest.


If wood is the bread, cushions, curtains, throws, and rugs make up the butter of rusticism, perfectly complimenting each other to complete that luscious home design. This is also the place where you can really add a sense of your own personality and expression. If you want to add a little more depth, try utilising a range of fabrics such as patchwork quilts, woven rugs, and knitted pillows.