How to get that gorgeous rustic look in the home

There’s nothing quite like the homely feeling of rustic décor.

Whether your home nestles in a green vale at the heart of Yorkshire’s countryside, or is situated in a city or town centre location, there’s nothing quite like a home adorned with a wholesome touch of rusticism.

Get into upcycling

For those that are not yet introduced, upcycling is a fabulous and sure way to find pieces of furniture and other materials to enrich that beautiful rustic style.

Upcycling is also particularly cool if you have a creative stroke, as it enables people to transform by-products, waste materials, and unwanted furniture and other products into fabulous new items for the home.

Quite often you will be able to find, whether online or out in the real world, great pieces, which can include anything from picture frames, cabinets, and chairs and other household goods.

Check out Upcycle That for some inspiration on upcycling in the home.

Work away on your own furniture

If you don’t fancy upcycling, you can of course have a go at giving your own furniture a new lease of life with a little TLC.

For instance, if you have some wooden furniture that you feel could do with a retouch, there’s no reason why you can’t apply a new distressed look to it.

By simply sanding the surface of a cabinet (for example), priming and painting it, re-sanding it, and applying a stain alongside a polyurethane coat, you can find yourself with a beautiful piece of distressed furniture — perfect for a home ready to embrace the rustic way of life.

For further information and a more in-depth guide to distressing a piece of furniture, check out this article by the DIY Network.

Know that accessories are everything

If there’s one thing, aside from the use of natural materials and reclaimed objects, that helps define a rustic sense of décor, it is accessories.

Posing as another opportunity to let those creative hands flourish, rusticism is often awash with brass trinkets, ornaments that are hand crafted from natural materials such as wood and pebbles, and even picture frames and mirrors comprised of driftwood.

Although hard materials often form the core of rustic décor, time should also be dedicated to the softer things in life, such as hand-crafted throws, woollen cushions, and real flowers and plants that make for perfect complimentary accessories.

Enjoy distressed oak flooring

If there’s anything more rustic than gorgeous distressed oak flooring, then we’re yet to find it!

Whether solid or engineered, we have a varied and wonderful range of distressed oak flooring options for the home.

Including from celebrated flooring brands such as Luvanto, Kahrs, and Essential flooring, no matter what kind of distressed oak flooring you’re searching for, we have a wide variety of styles to suit any kind of rustic décor – whether breathtakingly traditional or effortlessly modern.

If you have any questions about any of our distressed oak flooring options, including both solid wood and engineered wood flooring, contact us on 0113 223 4198 or check out our contact page for more options.