Customer experience: new city, new home, new flooring

Fran on holiday

Read all about Fran’s experience in buying flooring for her new home with Best at Flooring.

I moved from a small town in the North East of England down to the big city of Leeds to work in the vast field of digital in early 2017.

As much as it’s daunting moving to a new city, it’s even more daunting buying my first house and having to do it all up!

Rather than go for a new build, I went for a 1950s semi-detached property that’s situated in a beautiful green area in the suburbs, complete with a garden.

While the garden would be great for the summer, my main focus had to be the inside.

After all, I bought this property in August and it needed to be ready to live in in time for Christmas, and who wouldn’t want to spend the holiday season in their new home rather than a rented flat?

The three bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, dining room and hallways all needed new flooring as well as a lick of paint and a bit of updating, and although it took a few months of fixing the big things such as electrics and walls, I got there (with a little help from friends and family).

When it came time to choose the flooring, the majority of people I spoke to told me to look at Best at Flooring and Floorstore.

And they were right, as Steve, Liam, Sean, and the team couldn’t have been more helpful!

They showed me a wide range of flooring from engineered wood, through to a variety of carpets and more, and with so much to choose from it was hard not to feel a little overwhelmed.

Luckily, with a colour scheme in mind, the team showed me which type of carpet would be best for which room, as, depending on thickness, certain types are best or certain rooms.

For example, you want a hard-wearing carpet for stairs while a thicker, softer carpet is best for a lounge or bedroom — who knew!

The team popped round and installed all my carpet and flooring on a day which was best for me, and it was quick, easy, and simple to do.

Best at Flooring and Floorstore had installers ready and raring to go to take on the task, and it was complete within a couple of days.

Buying flooring couldn’t have been easier!

Do you want the same flooring? I used:

Take a look at the pictures below:

Living room flooring

A picture of Fran's living room

New stairs carpet

Newly laid hallway flooring