Creating a Peaceful Environment in Your Home

Smartphones, deadlines and emails fill our heads with a constant stream of information. While technology has its perks, we can sometimes forget to slow down and appreciate the present moment. We believe that the home should be your space to relax and unwind, interact with your family and enjoy the important things in life. So, we put together some tips to help you create a peaceful environment in your home.


The pile of a rug or carpet will absorb a certain amount of noise in a room, stopping it from echoing around the house. It can also improve the acoustics of your home for when you want to play your favourite relaxing music. Overall, sound plays an important part in the feel of your home and a house with great acoustics will feel more inviting.


Amtico have now brought out an Acoustic range of Luxury Vinyl Flooring which reduces noise without compensating on style.

Amtico Acoustic

Amtico Acoustic enhances the acoustic properties of LVT by reducing sound transmission by up to 18db. The flooring has an acoustic backing made from a visco-elastic foam structure – this helps to absorb the noise coming from above or below. This structure can also help to improve the comfort and durability of your floor, so it is a great choice for any area with lots of foot traffic and noise!


When it comes to comfort in the home, nothing compares to the feeling of kicking your shoes off and resting your feet on a soft rug or carpet. Carpet comes in a broad range of colours, styles and textures; however, we understand that carpet is not for everyone. If you prefer a wooden or vinyl floor, why not consider adding a stylish rug to give your home that extra bit of cosiness?

Use large rugs.

You can also make a room feel more comfortable by adding cushions and throws to the room, removing any clutter and lighting candles. Adding lamps and candles is a quick and effortless way to make your home feel more relaxed. We respond well to this type of lighting as it reminds us of sunsets, instantly making us think of winding down at the end of the day.


Colours can affect our emotions, often without us even realising it. It has been suggested that colour can even change our mood and level of energy. Therefore, it is important to consider the colours you use in your home. Opting for neutral colours combined with shades of green and blue can leave you feeling calm and relaxed. As humans, it is our instinct to be attracted to anything that reminds us of nature. Consider installing a natural solid wood floor in a living area, or add some house plants and flowers to the space you like to relax.

In summary, it is easy to create a peaceful environment once you remind yourself of the importance of switching off and enjoying your time at home.

We hope this blog post has helped you to create a relaxing environment in the home and inspired you to indulge in some peace and quiet from time to time. If you have any tips on creating a zen experience in your home let us know on Twitter or Facebook!