Celebrity living without leaving the house

Believe it or not, following celebrity trends is a tendency that is deeply rooted in our psyche. At a tribal level, it’s important to know what success looks like. Celebrities in any field are people who visibly excel at what they do. We naturally have the idea that emulating them is therefore likely to lead to better social integration as they seem to have more of what makes life easier and better. This means that taking inspiration from some of the most beautiful celebrity home makeovers is a great place to start when you’re crafting your own luxury living experience to help you feel like you’ve made it.

Choosing the right material for your desired look is the first step. There is no single choice that people opt for when they want a high-end look. Let your choice be guided by your instincts and blend your flooring with your other decorating choices.

Opting for wood

When you look at makeover homes in magazines, you’ll see that wood floors often feature in high-end refurbishments. You could choose a natural wood floor but if you want to leverage the technology that flooring companies like Sanders & Fink have to offer, choose engineered wood floors instead. These offer all the charm, warmth and look of natural wood, but they also allow for precision fitting and guaranteed longevity.

Choosing stone

When you choose stone, you could make a bold statement with contrasting materials in a modern design. Or you can opt for a sleek, classic look where the texture and grain of the stone is all the declaration you need. The range at Amtico means that you can make your choice based on the impression you want your home to make, rather than being restricted by limited options.

Vinyl for the win

Some people think that vinyl is what you get when you can’t afford completely natural materials. When you have the option of luxury vinyl from Sanders & Fink, this simply isn’t the case. Vinyl is the choice you make when you know the natural look you want but you don’t want to be tied in by the limitations and hassle of all-natural materials. It’s about taking advantage of modern options and ensuring that your home looks beautiful while still being able to withstand all the rigours of a full life.