Amtico Flooring, The Perfect Home Staging

Perfect Home Staging…

Our homes are a unique expression of who we are, according to Susan Clayton, an environmental psychologist at the College of Wooster US: “home is part of our self-definition, which is why we like to decorate our homes”. Home is where the heart is, and we like to make it feel so. All our soft furnishings, a lifetime of collectables and our family photos stand out so much better when the stage is set.

A recent poll found the average spend on creating a dream house to be between £13-£15K, so why not spend some of this on flooring. The quality of the flooring you choose will make a great deal of difference to the overall effect of a room, not to mention its functionality and if it needs to work with outside factors such as underfloor heating. Carpet is an obvious choice, but now thanks to luxury vinyl tiles, you can create incredible, durable looks that work with your family.

Beauty in Flooring - Best at Flooring

Amtico is the original manufacturer of LVT, which means they take their craftsmanship seriously. High quality is at the core of what they do, creating a stunning range of flooring that can fit together in a multitude of different patterns and styles.

Quality ensures longevity

These beautiful tiles are made using the best in engineering technology, by fusing multiple layers using heat compression, each tile combines extreme resilience with superb strength giving them a minimum 25-year guarantee. It means your floor will last through your baby’s first steps to their university graduation party. With their unique design, should a tile become damaged, it’s easy to lift it out and replace, making your floor look new again.

Creating warmth and comfort

Since each tile is made of luxury layers of soft but durably vinyl, it absorbs noise and feels warm underfoot. This ensures when the family is stomping around the house in bare feet, your floor will look after them and still look amazing afterwards.

Thanks to the combination of great design, years of experience and cutting-edge technology Amtico LVT is truly worth investing in.