All about solid wood flooring

Here at Best at Flooring, one of our primary products, across a range of quality and well-known brands, is of course solid wood flooring. Whether you’re searching to buy solid wood flooring for the home or for a business, here are some of the many benefits of owning a solid wood floor:

A solid wood floor can last decades

With proper maintenance and care, hardwood floors can last for decades. Although some types of flooring might need replacing every ten years or so, solid wood floors are robust and if the worst comes to worst, they can simply be refinished at minimal expense. Another positive about solid wood flooring, from oak to maple, is that it never goes out of style and will suit 99 per cent of décor trends.

There is so much variety

Whether you are buying a solid wooden floor for your living room, dining room, or even the showroom at your work or businesses, at Best at Flooring we have a large variety of styles from some of the best brands in the business, including:

With such a selection of high-quality brands, this means that we are able to provide a wide range of solid wood flooring featuring some of the most popular wood species in the UK, including oak, maple, walnut, elm, and pine.

Better acoustics

This might not be one of the better-known benefits of solid wood flooring, but the acoustics of a room can actually improve once that the floor is laid. For homes and workplaces where peace and quiet is treasured, solid wood floors are perfect for dampening those hollow sounds and vibrations — which is why music and dance studios often purchase solid wood flooring.

Help the fight against allergies

Since solid wooden floors can be so easily swept and hoovered with minimal effort, pollens, animal dander, dust, and other allergens can be removed in a matter of minutes. Whether you suffer from asthma, eczema, or any other condition that can be worsened by an environment, solid wood flooring can help keep such ailments at bay.

A solid would floor can help sell a home

Although there are absolutely no types of flooring that can devalue a house if kept in the right condition, it is a well-known fact that in some cases, solid wood flooring can help sell a house or property much quicker. Some estate agents actually prefer to sell homes with solid wood floors installed on this basis alone.

Solid wood floors can be easily refinished

As we’ve already mentioned, solid wood floors can last for decades, and this is partly due to the fact that they can be refinished. Whether over the course of ten or twenty years, if they have experienced large amounts of traffic, or you just fancy a refresh, solid wood flooring can be easily sanded down and stained to a different colour.

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