2017 Bathroom Trends

Planning to redesign and refresh the bathroom? Then prepare to be inspired, as we have some fantastic ideas for creating a truly beautiful bathroom!

A bathroom can be a tricky room to decorate as you need to be careful with what flooring and décor materials you choose, due to the moisture and wetness which a bathroom will experience. However, you still want to create an interior which you will enjoy being in so you can relish those luxurious bubble baths and stolen moments of solitude.

Below are some inspirational and innovative bathroom trends which are huge this year and will work perfectly for a bathroom!

Flashes of Wooden Accessories


Wooden accessories give an earthy and understated look to a space so work perfectly for a bathroom interior. This year a popular trend is to bring the outdoors inside and interior designers are achieving this look with plants, floral designs and wooden accessories, so it’s a wonderful way to modernise your space. It’s also a relatively inexpensive trend, for example you can easily swap plastic plant pots for beautiful wicker plant pots at a very little cost.

Jason Larson, President and Founder of Lars Remodeling & Design, discussed with us ways to add more textual contrasts to a bathroom interior.

‘‘A wooden, plastic or steel trashcan will fit in nicely and add additional splashes of texture. If your family keeps laundry hampers in the bathrooms for convenience, you could get some made of rattan or plastic. Shelving can come in the form of glass, metal or wood and will provide additional textural contrasts to the rest of the bathroom.

It’s clear that making a few simple changes in your bathroom with the addition of different texture elements will improve the appearance and create an enjoyable atmosphere for your family and guests.’’

LED lighting

LED lighting

Feel like your bathroom is missing something? Try adding LED lightning around your mirror to give the space a fun and vibrant feel, plus it creates a nice ambiance for bubble baths!

LED lightning has always been a popular trend for dressing rooms but it can also add a touch of glamour and style to a bathroom. Michelle Nelson, Founder and Host of Build Your House Yourself University Podcast, says, ‘‘A hot trend for decorating bathrooms in 2017 is incorporating medicine cabinets and mirrors with LED lighting’’.

Pebble Grey offer a beautiful selection of illuminated mirrors which could bring class and elegance to any bathroom.

Beachy Blue

Beachy Blue bathroom

Blue has made a huge comeback in 2017 as more and more interior designers are opting for a vibrant, beachy blue colour to bring life into a bathroom space. This colour works especially well if the rest of the room is a white or neutral colour.

Lifestyle Blogger for American Freight, says, ‘‘Blue and bathrooms just make sense but keep it a light blue especially if it’s a small space. If you want to go the elegant beach vacation route add watercolour hued accessories, black and white art on the wall, and a lot of white: window shutters, bath mats and white towels hanging on the racks.’’

If you’re opting for a blue colour scheme then consider choosing a laminate floor, as it will complement the blue tones and add to that beachy vibe. If you are considering going with laminate flooring then Aqua-Step Waterproof is the perfect choice, as it looks beautiful but is also 100% waterproof. Finally, laminate and bathrooms go hand in hand!

Mosaic Detailing

Another interior trend which has made a massive comeback this year is mosaic detailing, especially mosaics which have unique patterns and colours. Don’t feel as though you need to include mosaic tiles throughout the whole bathroom though, experiment with assorted styles – maybe just include some detailing above the sink or just around the toilet for a more original effect?

Jason Larson from Lars Remodeling & Design says, ‘‘Mosaic detailing in a bathroom is unexpected and stunning. Adding it to a bathtub, wall, or sink introduces the whimsy, romance, or tranquillity you always wanted. It is a simple yet powerful work of art, completely transforming an otherwise ordinary-looking space into a bathroom straight out of a castle or a Zen refuge.’’

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