Guide to Designer Rugs

Every interior designer knows that it’s the finishing touches that make or break your living space, which is why designer rugs & runners are such an important addition.

If you’re considering adding a Designer Rug to your décor then continue reading this guide to discover the advantages, the different types available and tips on keeping your rug looking its best!

rug guide

What are the benefits of adding a rug?

A rug can immediately add warmth, comfort and style to any room. Rugs provide thermal resistance meaning that they insulate your home, keeping it warmer for longer. This also means they can save you money by lowering your heating bill. Therefore, a designer rug may be a wise investment!

A well-chosen rug can tie the décor of a room together perfectly, create a focal point, make a statement or simply add a touch of luxury. Why not browse our extensive range of designer rugs to get a bit of inspiration for your home?

What are the different styles of rugs available?

We offer a broad range of rugs and runners to choose from, suitable for use in any room of the house that you desire. Use our filters to browse by design, range, size, colour or style. Some of the style of rugs available include;


A runner rug is longer and narrower than a standard rug, and is often used for narrow spaces such as hallways. Choose from a striking & traditional runner such as the Arak Blue & Rust design from Flair rugs, or a subtle Herringbone Natural design.


A circle rug is ideal for when you want to add some warmth and style to a smaller space. However, they can work well in rooms of any size. When deciding on a size, try to get a rug large enough that all the room’s major furniture pieces will touch it. Take a look at our Denim Blue shaggy pile rug or opt for a traditional Aubusson Pink.


Possibly our largest selection of rugs, our extensive range includes everything from modern to traditional, and brightly coloured to neutral. An excellent choice for any room in your home. Browse by size or design to find the perfect rug for you. Take a peek at the stylish Radja design by Brink & Campman or go bold with a BoBohemian Blue Lagoon.

How to maintain a rug?

Generally speaking, rugs are very low maintenance. Simply ensure that you hoover your rug regularly to prevent a build-up of dust or dirt. Blot up spills straight away with a clean, dry cloth and clean with an approved rug cleaner. It is also wise to get your rug cleaned professionally every year or two to keep it in prime condition.

Bold Geometric Rugs with Laminate Flooring


Rugs are fantastic way to instantly add warmth, comfort and style to any space. A rug is a low maintenance addition to your home, and with the huge range of sizes, shapes and styles to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice!

Here at BestatFlooring we offer a wide range of designer rugs, so you’re sure to find the perfect rug to suit your taste and lifestyle.